Legionary Superior Pledges Fidelity to Pope

Benedict XVI Receives Father Corcuera in Audience

VATICAN CITY, JUNE 16, 2006 (Zenit.org).- The general director of the Legionaries of Christ renewed his congregation’s commitment to serve the Church in a letter he delivered personally to Benedict XVI.

The audience took place this morning, confirmed the Vatican press office.

“With profound humility and veneration,” the letter states, “the Legionaries of Christ and members of the Regnum Christi movement want to express, through me, their filial affection, and renew their unconditional support to your person and your ministry, as Vicar of Christ and visible head of the Church.”

The text continues: “We are moved by the certainty of faith that only in Peter’s bark will we sail toward the sure port of our salvation.

“And we are likewise encouraged by the ‘ardent and personal’ love for the Successor of Peter (Constitutions of the Legion of Christ, No. 226.2), which we have learned, in the congregation and in Regnum Christi, since the first days of our foundation.”

Father Álvaro Corcuera also said the Legionaries and Regnum Christi will “continue to commit our time and persons to the service of the Church, offering our charism to diocesan bishops for the spread of the kingdom of Jesus Christ.”

According to sources in the congregation, Father Corcuera revealed that after the audience “the Holy Father, with delicate and paternal benevolence, asked me to transmit his closeness, prayers and blessing to the Legionaries of Christ and the members of the Regnum Christ movement.”

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