Lima Document Views Abortion and Its Pastoral Challenges

LIMA, Peru, SEPT. 4, 2001 ( The Pastoral Care Commission of the Lima Archdiocese has published a document on abortion, and the sacramental and pastoral challenges it poses.

The text, distributed at the request of Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne, is entitled “The Crime of Abortion: Juridical and Moral Dimension of This Illicit Action.” It is published as a “help in the formation of the faithful´s conscience,” the presentation letter explains.

The document articulates a series of questions and answers, such as: “What is the procedure, for someone who has incurred in the sin of abortion, to receive absolution from excommunication and sin?”

The document´s appendix explains how life is defended from the moment of conception by the Peruvian Constitution, and the civil and criminal codes.

The text reminds the faithful that abortion is a “horrible crime,” because “it takes the life of an innocent creature.”

As regards “eugenic abortion,” the document states: “Only God is the owner of life, and man cannot condemn an innocent creature to death because of abnormality or fear of the possibility of abnormality.”

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