Media Don’t Always Aid Relationships, Says Pontiff

VATICAN CITY, APRIL 10, 2006 ( The new technologies and the media don’t always favor personal relationships, warns Benedict XVI.

The Pope made that comment today when meeting with 6,500 university students at the Vatican. They were participants in the annual UNIV international congress, which this year reflected on the theme “Projecting Culture: The Language of the Media.”

The new technologies and media “do not always help to cultivate the interiority of the relationship with God,” the Holy Father added.

Hence, Benedict XVI urged the students to foment communication, “sincere dialogue” and “friendships between persons,” in all realms of life.

Recalling his first encyclical, “Deus Caritas Est,” the Pope explained that he who discovers Jesus as his best friend is open to others, “considering them as brothers, and keeping with each a relationship of sincere friendship.”

The Holy Father added: “Jesus Christ, in fact, is precisely the incarnate love of God and only in him is it possible to find the strength to offer brothers human affection and supernatural charity in a spirit of service manifested above all in understanding.”

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