Media Have Role in Ending Hunger, Says Pope

Praises U.N.’s Walk the World Campaign

VATICAN CITY, MAY 21, 2006 ( The media also have a responsibility in the struggle against the plague of hunger, says Benedict XVI.

In Pope said this today before praying the Regina Caeli, and one week before the Church will observe the 40th World Day of Social Communications, which has as its theme “The Media: Network of Communication, Communion and Cooperation.”

The “Church looks with attention to the media, because it is an important vehicle to spread the Gospel and to foster solidarity between peoples, calling attention to the great problems that still mark them profoundly,” the Holy Father said.

The Pontiff also expressed his support for the Fight Hunger Walk the World initiative to end child hunger by 2015.

The Pope said the U.N. project “seeks to sensitize governments and public opinion on the need for concrete and timely action to guarantee all, particularly children, ‘freedom from hunger.'”

Benedict XVI also mentioned in particular “the urgent and dramatic situation in Darfur, Sudan.”

“Strong difficulties persist to satisfy even the primary food needs of the population,” the Pope said.

“I earnestly hope that, thanks to the contribution of all, the plague of hunger will be surmounted which still afflicts humanity, putting in great danger the hope of life of millions of people,” the Pontiff said.

Benedict XVI entrusted to the Virgin Mary all those “oppressed by the scourge of hunger” and “all those who come to their aid.”

The Holy Father also prayed for those who, “through the means of social communication, contribute to consolidate between peoples the bonds of solidarity and peace.”

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