Message Focuses on Eucharist’s Role in Charity

Pontifical Commission’s Reflection for Hispanic-American Day

VATICAN CITY, FEB. 16, 2006 ( The upcoming Hispanic-American Day is an opportunity to remind the faithful of their duty to respond to all forms of hunger, both in body and soul, says a pontifical commission.

On the occasion of Hispanic-American Day, to be observed in Spanish dioceses on March 5, the Holy See published a message, “We Share the Bread of Earth and the Bread of Heaven.”

The message, issued by the Pontifical Commission for Latin America, “reminds us of our duty to respond to all forms of hunger in the world: hunger for bread and hunger for God.”

The document is signed by Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re and Archbishop Luis Robles, the president and vice president of the commission, respectively.

It emphasizes that “the Eucharist is sacrament of communion with God and with brothers.”

“Throughout the centuries, a river of initiatives and of works of charity in favor of the poor and needy has had its source in love of the Eucharist,” the message adds.

The motto chosen to celebrate Hispanic-American Day is developed in the message, which affirms that “a missionary Church, which shares the gift of faith, is a Church that believes in the love of God and in solidarity toward others: It takes Christ, Bread of Heaven, to men, while taking them at the same time the consolation of material aid.”

Further, the message points out that “the heroic evangelizing deed of the New World had its main sustenance in the Eucharist.”

“The abundance of works of charity carried out in favor of so many men and women,” it adds, “reminds us that the mission of the Church, insofar as it springs from its union with Christ, will continue to bear copious fruits.”

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