Nicaraguan Episcopate Condemns Murder of Journalist

MANAGUA, Nicaragua, FEB. 13, 2004 ( The Nicaraguan episcopal conference condemned the “inhuman and detestable” murder of journalist Carlos Guadamuz, a one-time aide to then President Daniel Ortega.

Guadamuz was fatally shot Tuesday as he arrived at the studio where his television program is filmed. “This deed is an obstacle to peace and healthy social coexistence,” the episcopate said in a statement published Wednesday.

During the Sandinista Revolution (1979-1990), Guadamuz was a close collaborator of Ortega. He was director of the government broadcasting station La Voz de Nicaragua, and later of Radio Ya, the broadcasting station of the Sandinista National Liberation Front.

“It is a deed that makes peace and justice that much more remote, and increases the suffering of the Nicaraguan people,” the bishops’ statement said. “We express our prayers and solidarity with the grieving family.”