Nigerian Archbishop Pleads for Women Sentenced to Stoning

ABUJA, Nigeria, MARCH 19, 2002 ( The archbishop of Lagos appealed for respect for the life of the Nigerian woman sentenced to death by stoning.

On Monday, a Muslim court of appeals postponed until next week its verdict on the death sentence passed in Sokoto state against Safiya Husaini, 35, who was accused of adultery.

“I am confident: Safiya will live, thanks to the concern of the international community,” Archbishop Anthony Olubunmi Okogie of Lagos said, in statements to the Misna missionary agency.

“Every time the Shariah is applied we will make so much noise that the world will never again be able to ignore the argument,” he said. The archbishop added that the Nigerian episcopal conference has long called for respect for Article 10 of the federal Constitution, on the laicism of the state.