Nigerian Center Helps Converts to Christianity

PAMBEGUA, Nigeria, AUG. 5, 2001 ( A new center has been set up in the northern state of Kaduna to protect Muslims who convert to Christianity.

Converts to Christianity are often threatened and attacked by Muslims in an attempt to force them to abandon their new faith.

One director of the center said: “The majority of people welcomed here are threatened by their families. They are not even totally safe in this building; in some cases, they must be sent to Jos or other regions, where Christians are not in such a minority.”

Another director said: “There are increasingly more converted youths who study in the Bible school; when they receive their diploma, they want to return to their own villages to proclaim the Gospel.”

A project based on oral transmission of the faith aims to help illiterate young converts. A similar project in the south of the country targets Yoruba- and Igbo-speaking Christian communities.