Northern Ireland Church Leaders Urge Prayer

BELFAST, Northern Ireland, MAY 8, 2007 ( Four Christian leaders issued a statement asking for prayer as a new Northern Ireland government that unites historically opposing sides took control of the territory.

“On this historic day we express appreciation to all politicians who have taken courageous steps towards creating a society of stability and peace,” the religious leaders said.

Catholic Archbishop Sean Brady, Presbyterian Moderator Right Reverend David Clarke, Church of Ireland Archbishop Alan Harper and Methodist President Reverend Ivan McElhinney released the statement today.

They said in a written statement: “We recognize that much work still remains if all people in Northern Ireland are to share the future together.

“We are especially aware of those for whom the pain of the past is a constant living reality.

“As Church leaders we invite Christian people to give thanks to God for all that has been accomplished and to pray that guidance and courage might be given to those who lead our community in the days ahead.”