Nuncio Backs Easing of Movement on U.S.-Mexico Border

MONTERREY, Mexico, JULY 29, 2001 ( The apostolic nuncio in Mexico supports U.S. President George W. Bush´s initiatives to grant amnesty to illegal Mexican immigrants, and to allow free movement on the border between the two countries.

“Any treaty that seeks human dignity will be supported by the Catholic Church,” Archbishop Giuseppe Bertello said Saturday, at the first Extraordinary Meeting of the Latin American Group of Christian “Cursillos.”

The nuncio said there should be no more borders for goods, resources and people, and stressed that the Holy See has defended this position at U.N. conferences.

According to estimates published by Mexican President Vicente Fox, 3 million to 4 million Mexican men and women live in the United States illegally and work actively in its economy.

Fox also pointed out the 23 million Mexicans who live in the United States generate a gross national product that is greater than that of Mexico´s 100 million inhabitants.