Nuncio Notes Church’s Role in War on Drugs

CULIACAN, Mexico, MARCH 19, 2008 ( Drug trafficking should be fought with education in values, and it is here that the Church can lend a hand to the effort, affirmed the apostolic nuncio in Mexico.

Archbishop Christophe Pierre affirmed this Friday at the beginning of a four-day visit to Culiacan, capital of the western state of Sinaloa, plagued by the drug trade for decades.

The Holy See representative contended that drug trafficking reflects a change in social conduct, not only in Mexico but in many Latin American countries. He lamented the tendency to treat money as a type of god, an attitude that brings drug traffickers to ignore the effects of their trade on youth.

He affirmed that “the role of politicians and of all society is to get to work and analyze the motives behind this conduct, and act accordingly.”

The archbishop asked that attention be given to all the signs of social disintegration that represent a danger for society, including armed groups that operate in Mexico and in other parts of Latin America.

“It is necessary,” Archbishop Pierre added, “to teach values in schools, even though it is not an easy task; it is this [lack] that is the source of the loss of values in the world.”