Papal Collaborator Poses Questions to U.S. on Iraq Crisis

Cardinal Tucci Fears for Civilians and for Further Spread of Terrorism

VATICAN CITY, OCT. 3, 2002 ( A papal collaborator appealed for prayers for the Iraqi crisis and asked world leaders to consider three critical questions.

Cardinal Roberto Tucci, president of the Administrative Council of Vatican Radio, appealed to world leaders who insist on a military solution without the involvement of the United Nations, to reflect on the implications of such action. The official had traveled worldwide over the past 23 years as organizer of papal trips.

“Have the authorities that must make these decisions evaluated the consequences for Iraq’s civilian population?” was the first question he asked over Vatican Radio today.

“Have they reflected on the fact that by so doing, they are demolishing the U.N.’s international authority, which is the only authority that in a certain sense can give a hand to attain pacification without wars?” the cardinal continued.

In the third place, Cardinal Tucci asked if international leaders “are seriously thinking about the fact that certain U.S. political positions — at present predominant — will have as a consequence a new union of the Arab world, including the Muslim, making the expansion of terrorism and the struggle against terrorism perpetual?”

“We must pray,” he added. “Pray so that man will reason. It seems strange but often faith adds greater force to reason.”

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