Papal Intention: for Youth to Be Witnesses of Christ

VATICAN CITY, OCT. 1, 2003 ( During October, John Paul II will pray that Christian youth will be witnesses of Christ, so that the Church will have holy pastors and missionaries.

Every month, the Pope offers his prayers and sacrifices for a special intention, published by the Apostleship of Prayer.

This month the intention is: “That young people may follow Christ, the Way, the Truth, the Life, with generous enthusiasm and be ready to bear witness to him in all the situations in which they live.”

Every month the Holy Father also has a missionary intention. On this occasion it is: “That for the Church, God will not fail to provide pastors who are rich in wisdom and holiness and ready to defend the light of the Gospel to the very ends of the earth.”

The Apostleship of Prayer explained that these intentions, which all the faithful are called to pray for, seek among other things to help Catholics “to feel with the Church,” as “they are windows open to the current problems of the world.”

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