Peace Demands an End to Vicious Circle, Pope Says

VATICAN CITY, JAN. 12, 2004 ( John Paul II says that peace cannot make progress in the Holy Land until the logic of hatred, violence, reprisals and humiliation is abandoned.

“The lack of resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian problem continues to be a factor of permanent de-stabilization for the whole region, without counting the unspeakable sufferings imposed on the Israeli and Palestinian populations,” the Pope said today when meeting with the diplomatic corps accredited to the Holy See.

“I will never tire of repeating to the leaders of these two nations: The choice of arms, recourse on one hand to terrorism and on the other to reprisals, the humiliation of the adversary, the propaganda of hatred, lead nowhere,” he said.

“Only respect of the legitimate aspirations of one another, the return to the negotiating table and the concrete commitment of the international community can lead to the beginning of a solution,” the Holy Father said.

He added: “Authentic and lasting peace cannot be reduced to a simple balance between the forces present; it is above all the fruit of a moral and juridical act.”

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