Pope Calls Argentine Priest to Thank Him for Serving Poor

Francis Said to Be ‘Following Closely’ the Goings-on in the Barrios

Pope Francis has made another surprise call, this time to a parish priest within the poor district of Rosario, Argentina’s third largest city, to thank him for helping the poor, reported ANSA.it.

The Holy Father’s call last week allegedly woke up Father Joaquin Nunez.

Discussing the long-lasting conversation which brought him and his people “great joy,” Father Nunez shared that Francis “follows closely what goes on in the ‘barrios’ (districts) of Rosario, this tragedy of violence and drug trafficking that forces us to bury the young daily and that he very much sympathized with us for the situation we live in.” 

The priest suffered arrest and torture during the notorious military regime of 1976 to 1983. Pope Francis, shortly after becoming pope, squashed reports that Father Nunez colluded with the rightist regime in the abduction and torture of two Jesuit priests. (D.C.L.)

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