Pope Calls for End to Massacre of Migrants in Mediterranean

Also Prays for Miners Killed in Explosion in Turkey

“May human rights be the first priority and may forces unite to prevent these shameful massacres,” Pope Francis said this morning.

He was referring to news this week that at least 14 migrants have died after their their boat sank in the Mediterranean between Libya and Italy, the Italian news agency ANSA reported, citing rescuers.

The latest incident comes days after after another migrant boat sank off the Libyan coast, killing 36 migrants. 

“Let us also pray for those who in have lost their lives in the Mediterranean Sea in these days,” the Pope said.

Francis was speaking after giving his General Audience catechesis.

The Holy Father also reminded the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square of the 201 victims of an explosion in a mine in Soma, 120 kilometres from Esmima, Turkey, and the other miners, more than 400, who remain trapped underground.

Asking the Lord to “welcome the deceased to His home and give comfort to their families,” the Holy Father invited the faithful “to pray for the miners who died yesterday and for those still trapped in the tunnels.” (D.C.L.)

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