Pope Congratulates Hungarians on National Feast

On Today’s Feast of St. Stephan, Francis Prays for Future of Peace

Francis sent a message today to the president of Hungary, as that nation celebrates its national feast day, the feast of St. Stephan.

The Pope’s message to János Áder assures the president of his prayers for him and the citizens of Hungary.

“On the occasion of Hungary’s national feast day,” the Pontiff wrote, “it is my pleasure to cordially address Your Excellency and your fellow citizens. I ask God that the Hungarian people might find within themselves, and their human and spiritual heritage, the moral resources necessary in order to build a future of peace and fraternity. Upon Your Excellency, on all your nation’s leaders, and upon the whole Hungarian people, I invoke an abundance of Divine blessings.”

Mass for the feast of St. Stephan marks the occasion, as well as the procession of the saint’s right hand, otherwise known as the “Holy Right.”

Saint Stephen founded Hungary nearly 1,000 years ago, and worked to convert the nation to Christianity. He was canonized in 1083 by Pope Gregory VII.

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