Pope: Courage Needed for Sake of Truth

Urges Proclamation in Subjectivist Culture

VATICAN CITY, FEB. 12, 2007 (Zenit.org).- Benedict XVI reminded a delegation of French intellectuals that amid cultural subjectivism the courage to live the truth is needed.

The Pope made that comment when he received on Saturday an audience of delegates from the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences.

The France-based academy is a place of interchange that seeks to offer citizens and legislators resources to “find forms of political organization that are more favorable to the common good and to the development of the individual,” the Holy Father recalled.

The Pontiff said that the present cultural climate is characterized by subjectivism: “Each person tends to take himself as the only reference point and considers that what he thinks has the character of truth.”

Benedict XVI asked that, instead, “consciences be formed in the fundamental values,” noting that when those values are absent, humanity and society itself are in danger.

“Both in personal and public life, it is necessary to have the courage to say the truth and follow it, and to be free from one’s environment, which in general tends to impose points of view and behaviors,” the Pope said.


The Holy Father added that young people are particularly challenged “with living not from appearances alone, but rather to develop their interior life, that place that unifies being and doing, that place of recognition of our dignity as children of God, called to freedom.”

The Pope continued: “It is necessary for humanity not to allow itself to be tied down to external chains, such as relativism, the quest for power and profit at all costs, drugs, disordered affective relationships, confusion in married life, and the lack of recognition of human life in all stages of its existence, from conception until its natural end.

“We must have the courage to remind our contemporaries what the person is and what humanity is.”

Benedict XVI concluded with an invitation to “civil authorities and those people who have a role in the transmission of values to always maintain the courage to proclaim the truth about humanity.”

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