Pope Francis Addresses Faithful Gathered in Argentina

Pontiff Makes Call to Love One Another, Asks for Prayers

Thousands of Argentinean faithful gathered in the Plaza de Mayo in the early hours of the morning to watch the Inauguration of the Petrine Ministry Mass, were given a big surprise: a personal message from Pope Francis.

The Holy Father’s telephone call was broadcast to the crowd gathered in the Square. “Dear children, I know you are in the square. I know you are praying and saying prayers, I need them very much. It is so beautiful to pray. Thank you for that,” the Holy Father said.

The Holy Father asked his fellow Argentineans to care for one another and to live in peace with one another. “Take care of the family, take care of nature, take care of children, take care of the elderly; that there may be no hate, no fights, leave aside envy, do not speak ill of anybody. Dialogue amongst each other, so that in all of you may live the desire to care for one another,” Pope Francis said.

Concluding his address to the faithful of his homeland, Pope Francis invited them to no fear God, but to be close to Him, saying that God is a Father to all. “May the Virgin bless you, do not forget this bishop who is far but loves you very much. Pray for me,” the Pope said.

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