Pope Francis Receives ‘Il Volo’

They Plan to Hold a Concert for the Homeless



Pope Francis received the vocal trio “Il Volo” in private audience in the Vatican on May 6, 2017. The young talented men referred often to as ‘the three tenors’ (though Gianluca is actually a Baritone) have never concealed their Christian faith.

“Il Volo” has granted Zenit interviews on two occasions. During the first interview, they spoke of faith, family, and Pope Francis, of whom they have a great admiration. During the second, they discussed how they brought joy to underprivileged children ahead of their concert at the Italian Senate’s Palazzo Madama.

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During a concert in the northern Italian city of Turin last May 5, they sang, among other pieces, an “Ave Maria, Mater Misericordiae,” composed by Romano Musumarra for the Jubilee of Mercy, whose recording is included in the CD they gave the Pontiff.

The tenors are planning a great concert near the Vatican, on Via della Conciliazione, on the occasion of a lunch with some 200 homeless at the headquarters of the Italian Caritas. Some speculate it will take place this coming July.

[Anita Bourdain contributed to this article]

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