Pope: God Looks Upon All With Mercy

Pontiff Reflects on the Compassion of God During Angelus Address

Pope Francis reflected on the mercy of Christ during his Sunday Angelus address in St. Peter’s on Sunday. The Holy Father spoke on the theme given that the month of June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Speaking on the Sunday Gospel on the widow who lost her only Son, the Holy Father told the faithful gathered that Christ showed his love and compassion for man.

“This “compassion” is God’s love for man, it is mercy, that is, God’s attitude in the encounter with human misery, with our indigence, our suffering, our anxiety,” the Pope said. “The biblical term “compassion” recalls the maternal viscera: mothers, in fact, experience a singular reaction in the face of suffering children. This is how God loves us Scripture says.”

When relating the event that  Christ brought the widow’s son back to life, Pope Francis called on the faithful to never forget that God looks upon all with mercy, as well as urging them to “go to Jesus”.

After reciting the Angelus, the Holy Father commented on the beatification that same of two Polish religious sisters: Zofia Czeska Maciejowska, who founded the Congregation of the Virgins of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and and Malgorzata Lucja Szewczyk, who founded the Congregation of the Daughters of the Sorrowful Mother of God. Both were beatified in Krakow, Poland.

Pope Francis concluded his address by greeting the various groups of pilgrims from Italy and around the world.

“Today let us not forget God’s love, Jesus’ love: he looks upon us, he loves us and awaits us. He is all heart and mercy. Let us go to Jesus with confidence, he will always forgive us,” the Pope said.

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