Pope Presses on With Reform of Vatican Finances

Establishes 8-Member Commission of Experts

With a document dated Thursday, Francis has established a commission to continue with the oversight and reform of Vatican finances.

The commission is the latest step in a series of moves to increase transparency in the Vatican’s economic organization.

“The Commission will gather information, report to the Holy Father and co-operate with the Council of Cardinals for the study of the organizational and economic problems of the Holy See, in order to draft reforms of the institutions of the Holy See, with the aim of a ‘simplification and rationalisation of the existing bodies and more careful planning of the economic activities of all the Vatican Administrations,'” a note from the Vatican Secretariat of State explained.

The eight members are laypeople, with the exception of the secretary. They are an international group, bringing expertise in law, economics and finances.

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Secretariat of State communiqué: www.zenit.org/en/articles/vatican-communique-on-new-commission-for-holy-see-finances

Francis’ document establishing commission: www.zenit.org/en/articles/francis-chirograph-to-establish-new-commission

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