Pope’s Address on Vatican Radio

A “Great Family Which Has No Borders”

VATICAN CITY, MARCH 3, 2006 (<a href=”http://www.zenit.org”>Zenit.org).- Here is a translation of the extemporaneous address Benedict XVI gave today on Vatican Radio on the occasion of the broadcasting station’s 75th anniversary.

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Dear Brothers and Sisters:

My heartfelt greetings to all men and women, listeners of Vatican Radio, to whom I wish the peace and joy of the Lord.

It is a great joy for me to be here. We are conscious that 75 years ago, Pope Pius XI inaugurated Vatican Radio, thus giving a voice to the Holy See, beyond that, to the Church and to the Lord — a voice with which to truly apply the Lord’s commandment: “Proclaim the Gospel to all creatures to the ends of the earth.”

Meanwhile, as I am seeing, in these 75 years the technology has been very much perfected. Today the voice of Vatican Radio can reach all parts of the world, and many homes and — as has been emphasized — there is also a beautiful reciprocity, not only in speaking about, but also in receiving answers, in an authentic dialogue to understand, respond to and build the family of God.

It seems to me that this is the meaning of a means of communication such as this one: To help build this great family which has no borders, in which all feel themselves brothers and sisters in the multiplicity of cultures and languages, and in this way represent a force for peace.

I would like to hope that all those who are listening to me at this moment may feel really involved in this great dialogue of truth. In the media world, as we know, there is no lack of opposing voices. It is, therefore, particularly important that this voice exist, which really wishes to be at the service of truth, of Christ, and in this way, at the service of peace and reconciliation in the world.

I wish that those working here may be effective instruments of this great work of peace of the Lord. I thank you for everything you do, day after day, and also perhaps, night after night.

I wish that the listeners may also be involved in this great dialogue, and become in turn witnesses of truth, and a force of peace in the world.

[Copyright of Italian original: Vatican Publishing House. Translation by ZENIT]

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