Pope’s Address to Consistory of Cardinals

Here is the address given by Pope Francis this morning on the Second Day of the Extraordinary Consistory of the College of Cardinals. 

* * *

I would like to send a greeting, both from me personally and in the name of everyone [present], to the Ukrainian Cardinals: Cardinal [Marian] Jaworski, Emeritus of Lviv; and Cardinal [Ljubomyr] Husar, emeritus archbishop of Kiev – who are suffering much in these days and have many difficulties in their homeland. Perhaps it would be nice to deliver this message in the name of all – you agree? [Applause] Do you agree, all of you, with this? [Applause] Another thing: yesterday, before falling asleep – though not in order to fall asleep! – I read – I re-read Cardinal Kasper’s work, and I would like to thank him, because [in it] I found profound theology, also a serene thought in theology. It is nice to read serene theology. And also, I found that, of which St. Ignatius spoke to us: that sensus Ecclesiae, no? Love for Mother Church, right there, no? It did me good and I had an idea – and excuse me if I embarrass [Your] Eminence, but the idea is: this is called doing theology while kneeling. Thank you. Thank you.

[Translation by Vatican Radio]

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