Pope’s Address to the Villa Nazareth Community

At the end of the Angelus prayer, Pope Francis went, from his study in the Apostolic Palace, to the Hall of Blessings to greet members of the “Domenico Tardini” Community of Villa Nazareth, who participated in the Mass celebrated there at 10 o’clock.

The following is a translation of the Pope’s words of greeting, with particular reference to the presence of Cardinal Achille Silvestrini, president of the Domenico Tardini Community Foundation.

* * *

“Good morning!

I thank you for this warm welcome. Thank you so much! Thank you for having come and for celebrating our Cardinal, who has done so much good, with that strong and fecund thought, for the dignity of the human person, for service and to make each one find the talents that the Lord has given us to “traffic” them in life. Thank you, Eminence, for all this. Thank you so much!

And to you also, a thank you for this work. Each one does his small job, does his own, but everything goes forward for the good of all! Thank you so much for the collaboration, for the work, for membership in this Villa Nazareth that does so much good to the Church and in the Church. Thank you so much! I wish you a happy and holy Christmas! And I ask you to pray for me, because I am in need of it! Thank you so much!”

[Original text: Italian] [Translation by ZENIT]

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