Pope’s Telegram to Italian President Giorgio Napolitano

Here is a translation of the telegram sent by Pope Francis to the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, congratulating him on the occasion of his reelection. 

* * *

To his Excellency

the Honorable Giorgio Napolitano

President of the Italian Republic

Quirinal Palace

On the occasion in which you have again accepted, with great openness and a spirit of sacrifice, the supreme magistrature of the Italian state as president of the Republic, I would like to offer to you the most sincere and cordial congratulatory expressions and, as I wish for you to continue your enlightened and wise work supported by everyone’s responsible cooperation, I invoke constant divine assistance on your behalf and for your great service to the country and from my heart I convey to you and to the beloved Italian nation the apostolic blessing as an encouragement to build a future of concord, of solidarity and of hope.

Franciscus PP

[Translation by Joseph Trabbic]

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