Pope Sends Condolence Message to Buenos Aires Fire Victims

Factory Inferno Kills Nine People in Barracas Neighborhood

Pope Francis sent a condolence message to victims of a factory fire in his native Buenos Aires.

The fire occurred this morning at the Iron Mountain file factory in the neighborhood of Barracas. Seven firefighters and two civil defense members were killed after a wall of the building collapsed.

In a telegram sent to Archbishop Mario Aurelio Poli of Buenos Aires, the Holy Father said he was “deeply saddened” by the accident. He also conveyed his closeness to the victims and those affected, saying that he was “united with all those who have suffered or been killed in this unfortunate event.”

“In these sad circumstances, in praying for the eternal repose of those public servants who died in the course of duty, I ask God to grant His comfort and strength to all those affected by the tragedy, and to inspire feelings of brotherly solidarity to help them face this hardship as best they can,” the Pope wrote. “I also wish to offer a word of hope to those families who mourn their loved ones, and also to those who await the full recovery of the injured.”

Concluding his telegram, Pope Francis invoked the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary and imparted his blessing on the people of Buenos Aires who, he said, are “ever present in my heart.” (J.A.E.)

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