Pope Urges Work on Natural Fertility Regulation

ROME, NOV. 25, 2005 (Zenit.org).- Benedict XVI paid homage to the university that helped pioneer natural methods of fertility regulation, and encouraged more scientific research in the field.

In an address today to the students and professors of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, the Holy Father recalled that five years ago this university gave John Paul II the gift of announcing the establishment of the Paul VI International Scientific Research Institute on Human Fertility and Infertility for Responsible Procreation.

The center, established in June 2001, does research on natural regulation of human fertility, as well as natural methods to overcome infertility.

Benedict XVI described the aims of this institute “as an eloquent example of that synthesis between truth and love which is the vital center of Catholic culture.”

When research endeavors are undertaken in this spirit, they are “destined to the glory of God, and to the spiritual and material promotion of humanity,” the Holy Father said.

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