Prelate Cautions Ortega on Pro-Chávez Comments

MANAGUA, Nicaragua, JUNE 8, 2007 ( The secretary-general of the Nicaraguan bishops’ conference asked President Daniel Ortega to avoid risking peace and democracy just to make friends.

Bishop René Sándigo of Juigalpa expressed his disapproval of the comments that Ortega made last Sunday during the president’s trip to Venezuela.

According to the Associated Press, Ortega expressed his government’s approval of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez’s decision not to renew the license of Radio Caracas Television and to turn the signal over to a state-run channel.

The decision provoked ongoing massive student protests, which Ortega also criticized.

Bishop Sándigo said Ortega should be careful about making statements “only to befriend ‘some people’; the consequences could be serious for the entire nation.”

Statements like these could lead to serious consequences, the 42-year-old bishop added, “because he could be an indirect participant in activities that are perhaps incorrect.”