Pro-life Movement Alive and Well, Say U.S. Bishops

WASHINGTON, D.C., NOV. 12, 2002 ( The pro-life movement’s efforts have not failed, even though the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion still stands, says the U.S. bishops.

In a statement released today for the upcoming 30th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, the U.S. bishops’ conference pointed out the positive signs that have sprouted in the wake of pro-life efforts, not least of which is the wide support among young people.

The statement noted among the positive signs:

— fewer abortions are being done each year, and fewer doctors are willing to be involved in abortion.

— more Americans identify themselves as pro-life, while the numbers of those saying they are “pro-choice” have declined significantly.

— most state legislatures have enacted measures to restrict or regulate the practice of abortion and reduce its incidence.

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