Proclamation of God’s Love Incites Faith, Says Pope

200,000 Turn Out to See Him at Jasna Gora

CZESTOCHOWA, Poland, MAY 26, 2006 ( Benedict XVI exhorted the faithful to help humanity discover faith by proclaiming that “God is love.”

“This is the most important, most central truth about God,” the Pope exclaimed today before 200,000 pilgrims at the Polish national shrine of Jasna Gora. “To all for whom it is difficult to believe in God, I say again today: ‘God is love.'”

Most of the participants at the meeting were men and women religious, seminarians and representatives of movements. The event was held at the shrine of the Black Madonna and included Eucharistic adoration.

Addressing the religious, the Holy Father said: “Whatever the mission entrusted to you, whatever cloistered or apostolic service you are engaged in, maintain in your hearts the primacy of your consecrated life. Let it renew your faith. The consecrated life, lived in faith, unites you closely to God, calls forth charisms and confers an extraordinary fruitfulness to your service.”

The Pontiff counseled seminarians “not to fear future duties or the unknown! Do not fear that words will fail you or that you will encounter rejection! The world and the Church need priests, holy priests.”

Finally, addressing representatives of new movements in the Church, Benedict XVI said: “My prayer is that you will grow ever more numerous so as to serve the cause of the Kingdom of God in today’s world.

“Believe in the grace of God which accompanies you and bring it into the living fabric of the Church, especially in places the priest or religious cannot reach.”

As with other addresses on this trip, the Pope spoke in Polish and Italian; an aide also read some of the Polish paragraphs.

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