Redemptorists’ Land Seized in Hanoi

HANOI, Vietnam, JAN. 9, 2008 ( The provincial superior of the Redemptorists in Vietnam said the local government has illegally confiscated land belonging to their monastery and is allowing a business to settle there.

In a message sent Monday to all Redemptorists, Father Joseph Cao Dinh Tri reported the history of the disputed property that the religious hope to use for the construction of a new church. Since Sunday, local government officials have placed security personnel in the area, enabling the Chien Thang Sewing Company to build on the disputed land.

“Our Redemptorist confreres in Hanoi and their parishioners have responded by gathering people to pray at the construction site, asking the government to respect fairness and put justice into practice,” Father Cao stated. “I would earnestly implore all of you, the whole province of Vietnam, to be in solidarity with our brother Redemptorists in Hanoi, in order to pray for our common apostolate.”