Resolution Highlights Key Role of U.N., Says Newspaper

VATICAN CITY, JUNE 9, 2004 ( The Holy See’s semiofficial newspaper says the U.N. Security Council’s approval of a resolution on Iraq has “opened a new chapter in the history” of the country.

Today’s Italian edition of L’Osservatore Romano stated that the decision “has a particular significance as in the new, positive scene that is being configured in Iraq, the role of the U.N. is highlighted.”

The resolution formally grants sovereignty to Baghdad when the Occupation ends on June 30.

“In this historical circumstance, in keeping with the nature of its mission, the organization has established itself as the imperative venue in which is elaborated — albeit with differences and reservations — an adequate political and diplomatic strategy to address with success the complex Iraqi question,” the newspaper said.

The newspaper mentions John Paul II’s Message for the World Day of Peace, in which he states that the U.N. “needs to rise more and more above the cold status of an administrative institution to become a moral center where all the nations of the world feel at home and develop a shared awareness of being, as it were, a family of nations.”

“The intense, but at the same time open and constructive debate” over the resolution “has served to confirm the important function of the U.N.,” L’Osservatore Romano added.

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