Second Day of the C9, Novelties to Emerge on the IOR

The Council of Nine Cardinals Is Studying the Reform of the Institute for the Works of Religion and of the Roman Curia

On Wednesday, July 2, Pope Francis met for the fifth time with the council of nine cardinals. The meeting began yesterday in the Vatican and will end on Friday, July 4.

“Today, there was no General Audience, which made it easier for the Holy Father to be with the cardinals at the meeting. All were present,” said the Vatican spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, SJ.

“The Council, also called the Vatican ‘C8,’can now be called ‘C9,’” said Fr. Lombardi, given the subsequent incorporation of the Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who attends these meetings regularly.

During the meeting, there was a presentation, by Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello, on the Governorate of Vatican City, and also on the secretariat of state, explained by Cardinal Parolin, he added.

The director of the Holy See Press Office mentioned that another subject addressed was the IOR, Institute of the Works of Religion, with the participation of the Cardinals’ Vigilance Commission, with the attendance of four of the five cardinals that compose it.

“The Institute for the Works of Religion is going through a time of transition and natural and serene development. The contribution of its President, Ernst von Freyberg, continues to be profoundly appreciated and evaluated very positively. Further clarifications are possible, more than that, likely next week afterof the Council of the Economy, which will be on Saturday,” said the spokesman.

Father Lombardi explained, therefore, that the novelties will be presented next week. The Council of the Economy will meet with the Pope on Saturday and will address several subjects, such as its statutes, program of forthcoming activities, and an updating on the IOR and its development. There will also be time allotted to evaluate the year, as is always done at this time of the year.

In regard to the Council of the Economy, Fr. Lombardi specified that it is in a transitory phase as the statutes are yet to be concluded.

The Council of Cardinals was created by Pope Francis on April 13, 2013, although it was not institutionalized until September 30 of that year.

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