Security Will Adjust to Francis’ Style, Says Spokesman

Also Confirms Young Bergoglio Had Lung Surgery

Vatican spokesman Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi says the Pope’s security team will adjust to his “informal” style, already evidenced with his trip this morning to St. Mary Major.

“Those responsible for the security of the Pontiff are at his service and adapt their methods to protect each Pope in their personal style,” Father Lombardi said at a briefing today. “John Paul II, for example, was a Pontiff who broke with all expectations and went to greet people without any prior warning. Those entrusted with the Pope’s security adjust their methods to protect each in their own way.”

The spokesman also answered a question regarding the leaders of the various offices of the Roman Curia, as those who have these positions are suspended when the See of Peter becomes vacant.

“It is traditional that in the first days of his pontificate the new Pope confirms those appointments. In the past few times they were confirmed ‘until further notice’ in the first days of the pontificate as customary and then, at a later moment, little by little the Popes chose their close collaborators with complete freedom,” Father Lombardi explained. “This is a very personal act of government that falls solely to the Pope.”

Finally, speaking of Pope Francis’ health, Fr. Lombardi confirmed the report that, some 40 years ago, Jorge Bergoglio had a pulmonary illness and part of one lung was removed. The spokesman clarified that “this has never been an obstacle either in his rhythm or for his work, his life, or his pastoral care, as demonstrated by him leading a diocese that requires such dedication as that of Buenos Aires.”

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