Some Army of Mary Members Excommunicated

Participated in Ordinations Not Approved by Church

QUEBEC CITY, SEPT. 12, 2007 ( Certain members of the Community of the Lady of All Nations, a movement commonly known as the Army of Mary, have incurred excommunication.

The Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith issued a declaration of excommunication that applies to certain members of the group.

The Canadian bishops’ conference explained in a statement: “Following earlier consultations with the bishops of Canada and also with the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has issued a declaration of excommunication that applies to various members of the Army of Mary.

“Despite repeated warnings by the bishops of Canada, including Cardinal Marc Ouellet, archbishop of Quebec City, members of the Army of Mary earlier this year participated in ordinations forbidden by and not recognized by the Catholic Church. The actions obliged the congregation to issue the declaration, it states, because of ‘the very grave situation’ and given there was no ‘hope of another solution.'”

The bishops affirm that the doctrinal congregation’s declaration was made with the approval of Benedict XVI.

Those who incurred excommunication include Father Jean-Pierre Mastropietro, for having attempted to perform ordinations not approved or recognized by the Church.

Others who are excommunicated claim to have been ordained by him as deacons and priests.

Members of the movement and its associated works who have entered into schism by participating in the ordinations despite an earlier warning issued by Cardinal Ouellet, and who remain “determined to continue to associate with” the movement also incurred excommunication, as did “whoever knowingly and deliberately embraces” the heretical teachings of the Army of Mary.

The Vatican declaration states the excommunications are “latae sententiae,” incurred automatically.

The congregation statement said: “It is our hope that the clarification provided by this present declaration will assist those whose faith may be harmed by this schismatic group to remain faithful to the Catholic Church.”