Spanish Security Lacking for Islam Convert

By Jesús Colina

ROME, APRIL 9, 2008 ( The Italian embassy in Spain confirmed the cancellation of a public appearance in Madrid by a convert from Islam baptized Holy Saturday by Benedict XVI, citing a lack of security.

Magdi Cristiano Allam, deputy director of Corriere della Sera, one of Italy’s largest and oldest newspapers, has been condemned to death by various fatwas from Islamic extremists.

The Italian embassy in Spain confirmed to ZENIT that due to the security situation, Allam will participate by videoconference in the event organized by the University CEU St. Paul, presenting his first book translated to Spanish, “Vencer el Miedo. Mi vida contra el terrorismo islámico y la inconsciencia de Occidente” (Overcoming Fear: My Life Against Islamic Terrorism and Western Unawareness.)

The embassy sources explained that they “had asked for the security measures for Magdi Allam from the Spanish government, particularly to the Ministry of External Affairs. The necessary conditions had not been given. Afterward, there was a change of opinion due to the exceptional nature of the case, but by then it was too late.”

Allam is considering the possibility of publicly presenting another book in Spain, the embassy reported.