Spokesman: Vatican Committed to Transparency

Father Lombardi Responds to UN Report on Sex Abuse

Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi says the Vatican confronts cases of possible sexual abuse of minors with a demand for transparency.

The Vatican spokesman said this today in Spain, where he is being recognized with the Spanish bishops’ Bravo award in communications.

Father Lombardi responded to a question on today’s UN report on child sex abuse, the Spanish newspaper La Razon reported. In addition to reiterating the Church’s commitment to preventing this crime, the spokesman said an explanation will be released on the workings of the Vatican’s commission on preventing sex abuse.

Father Lombardi also spoke more generally about Pope Francis’ pontificate, saying the greatest change the Holy Father has brought about is “changing perceptions about the Church’s message.”

“He’s stressed the positive, God’s love for everyone,” Father Lombardi said, adding that “in its substance, the Church’s magisterium has a continuity. There is no great revolution.”

Pope Francis sees the Church as “a people that journeys in service of humanity,” the spokesman said, observing that the Pontiff has brought “the whole Church to feel in step.”

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