St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows, an Inspiring Example

Pope Highlights the Saint’s Help to the Young, Sick and Newlyweds

Before concluding his weekly general audience today, Pope Francis reminded the faithful that tomorrow is the liturgical memory of St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows.

His example, he said, “helps you, dear young people, to be enthusiastic disciples of Jesus, who inspires you, dear sick people, to offer your suffering in union with those of Christ; and stimulates you, dear newly-weds, to make the Gospel the fundamental rule of your married life”.

In his greetings in various languages, the Pope also mentioned that in a couple of days World Rare Diseases Day will be celebrated. He addressed the participants in the congress that is to take place on the day. “I hope that patients and their families will be adequately supported on their difficult journey, at both a medical and a legislative level,” he said.

The Holy Father also greeted today, among others, participants in the SIGNIS World Congress, the directors of the Polish radio who are meeting in Rome during these days for their spiritual exercises, pilgrims from Iraq and Lebanon, and the Legionaries of Christ who have completed their General Chapter.

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