Syrian Archbishop Releases Figures on Damage of War

Appeals for A Peaceful Solution to Conflict

Greek-Catholic Archbishop Jean-Clément Jeanbart of Aleppo in Syria released several figures of the scale of the disaster from the ongoing civil war.

“In recent months, only in Aleppo, 1400 factories and shops were looted, demolished or burned, while across the Country more than two thousand schools have been devastated or put out of use, 37 hospitals and a thousand small clinics and dispensaries have been vandalized,” Archbishop Jeanbart told Fides News Agency.

“Most of the grain silos have been emptied, power stations sabotaged, railway lines dismantled and roads blocked and made impassable and dangerous because of armed gangs that terrorize travelers who dare to move and leave town.”

Concluding his statement, the Greek-Catholic Archbishop of Aleppo stated that in front of the continuing struggles, the people of Syria can only rely on divine mercy for peace in their country. Archbishop Jeanbart  also thanked Pope Francs “for his repeated appeals and insistent prayer for peace in Syria.”