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Cardinal Dolan on the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report

‘We must continue to be ever rigorous in performing background checks and safe environment training, so that, as much as possible, we can prevent abuse from happening again in the future.’

FORUM: ‘Saints in the Making’

‘God calls us to be saints not to be demanding, but because he loves us and wants what is good for us.  He wants the best for his children’

FORUM: ‘Fifty Years of the Gift of Humanae Vitae’

Archbishop of Washington Cardinal Wuerl: ‘This 50th anniversary challenges us then in the need for both clarity in our teaching and accompaniment in our effort to achieve reception of the teaching as part of the Church’s healing and saving mission’

FORUM: ‘Celebrating the Vocation of Fatherhood’

Archbishop of Washington Cardinal Wuerl: ‘The celebration of Father’s Day offers us an opportunity to reflect on the irreplaceable role fathers play in the life of the family, in society and in the Church’

FORUM: Archbishop Chaput on the Importance of Amendment 8

Archbishop of Philadelphia: ‘From the start, Amendment 8 has been targeted by abortion-rights activists both in Ireland and abroad because it explicitly recognizes the humanity of the unborn child’

FORUM: ‘The Rose Mass’

Archbishop of Washington Cardinal Wuerl: ‘We must continue to stand strongly for the religious freedom that allows them and us to be true to what we believe’

FORUM: ‘Proclaim a Fast’

Archbishop of Washington Cardinal Wuerl: ‘Acts of penance without this inner spirit are lifeless’