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Pope Francis hugs a baby during his first day at Turin

FORUM: Archbishop Chaput on the Importance of Amendment 8

Archbishop of Philadelphia: ‘From the start, Amendment 8 has been targeted by abortion-rights activists both in Ireland and abroad because it explicitly recognizes the humanity of the unborn child’

FORUM: ‘The Rose Mass’

Archbishop of Washington Cardinal Wuerl: ‘We must continue to stand strongly for the religious freedom that allows them and us to be true to what we believe’

FORUM: ‘Proclaim a Fast’

Archbishop of Washington Cardinal Wuerl: ‘Acts of penance without this inner spirit are lifeless’

FORUM: ‘Love Saves Lives’

Archbishop of Washington Cardinal Wuerl: ‘We speak of the sacredness of human life because we recognize that it is totally beyond us.’

FORUM: ‘Christmas Invitation and Gifts’

Archbishop of Washington Cardinal Wuerl: ‘Our invitation to come see the Christ Child born in Bethlehem can help renew and transform all people by His presence in their lives’

FORUM: ‘Celebrating the Gift of Catholic Schools’

Archbishop of Washington Cardinal Wuerl: ‘These Catholic institutions of learning, homes away from home, bring to students an encounter with Jesus which can transform lives and renew the world.’

FORUM: ‘A Way of Life’

Archbishop of Washington Cardinal Wuerl: ‘Hundreds of thousands of voices are raised to announce the truth that every human life is sacred’

FORUM: ‘Gifts From God’

In Cardinal Dolan’s Post-Christmas Reflection, Says: ‘How we treat our babies and children; how we promote marriage, which has as one of its major purposes the procreation of children; how we protect the family, where babies and children are nurtured and raised, really defines civilization.’

FORUM: ‘Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God’

Archbishop of Washington Cardinal Wuerl Says: ‘To make a good start this year, and to make sure that we stay on the path of goodness and authentic happiness, we want to look to and follow our guiding star Mary’

President of US Bishops: ‘A Shepherd’s Message’

Cardinal DiNardo Reminds: ‘ In one instance, God’s love and power can be grasped in an understandable way – in the infant smile of the Word Made Flesh towards Mary, Joseph – and us!’

FORUM: ‘Beloved Disciple: The Feast Day of St. John’

Archbishop of Washington Cardinal Wuerl Reminds: ‘Jesus loves each of us to the end. He laid down his life for us that we might have life and have it more abundantly. Each of us is the ‘beloved disciple’ if only we love him and one another as he loves us’