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Pope’s Palm Sunday Homily

‘The best remedy is to look at Christ’s Cross and let ourselves be challenged by His final cry’

The Disturbing Fact of the Resurrection

“If Jesus was not raised from death, Christianity is a fraud and a joke; if he did rise from death, then Christianity is the fullness of God’s revelation, and Jesus must be the absolute center of our lives. There is no third option”

Pope’s Palm Sunday Homily

“Let us walk this path, pausing in these days to gaze upon the Crucifix, the “royal seat of God”, to learn about the humble love which saves and gives life, so that we may give up all selfishness, and the seeking of power and fame.”

Eyes That Are Seeing

Since at least the fifth century, in one form or another, the Church has remembered Christ’s passion during the sacred Triduum in a haunting ritual called Tenebrae