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These are doubts that make one grow! Therefore, it is good that we ask ourselves questions about the faith, because in this way we are pushed to deepen it. In any case, doubts can be overcome.’


‘This aspect of mercy, inclusion, is manifested in opening one’s arms wide to receive without excluding, without classifying others on the basis of their social condition, language, race, culture or religion: before us there is only a person to be loved as God loves him.’

JUBILEE AUDIENCE: On Mercy & Dialogue

‘Dialogue pulls down the walls of divisions and misunderstandings; it creates bridges of communication, and does not allow for any one to be isolated, shut-in in his own small world.’


‘To recognize His face in that of one who is in need is a real challenge against indifference. It enables us to be always vigilant, avoiding Christ passing beside us without our recognizing Him.’

GENERAL AUDIENCE: On Visit to Georgia, Azerbaijan

‘Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, Patroness of the missions, reminds us that true mission is never proselytism, but attraction to Christ from strong union with Him in prayer, in Adoration and in concrete charity, which is service to Jesus present in the littlest of brothers.’

General Audience: On the Two Thieves

“Jesus is truly the face of the Father’s mercy. And the good thief called Him by name: ‘Jesus.’ It is a brief invocation, and we can all do it many times during the day: ‘Jesus,’ simply ‘Jesus.'”


‘How many illusions are sold under the pretext of freedom and how many new slaves are created in our days in the name of a false liberty! – so many, many slaves: “I do this because I want to; I take drugs because I like to, I’m free, I do this other …” They are slaves! They become slaves in the name of freedom.’

GENERAL AUDIENCE: On How Faith Brings Salvation

‘She was a woman discarded by the society. It is important to consider this condition — of being discarded — to understand her state of mind: she feels that Jesus can free her from the ailment and from the state of marginalization and indignity in which she has found herself for years. In a word: she knows, she feels that Jesus can save her.’

GENERAL AUDIENCE: On World Youth Day, Visit to Poland

‘The new generation of young people– inheritors and continuers of the pilgrimage initiated by Saint John Paul II–gave the answer to today’s challenge. They gave a sign of hope, and this sign is called fraternity, because, in fact, in this world at war, we need fraternity, closeness, dialogue and friendship.’