Take the Bus, Urge Taiwan’s Bishops

TAIPEI, Taiwan, NOV. 27, 2007 (Zenit.org).- Bishops in Taiwan are urging the faithful to make better use of public transportation and “go green” to safeguard the environment.

In their pastoral letter from last Wednesday, the Social Development Commission of the Chinese Regional Bishops Conference in Taiwan said that at the beginning of 21st century, the spirit of reconciliation with nature has yet to fully implemented, and the situation of the planet is worsening.

The bishops said that Christians should act as good stewards to safeguard creation, reducing domestic waste, minimizing the use of water and electricity, and making better use of public transportation. They said that Catholics, as citizens, should actively care for the environment.

The bishops advised the faithful not to be influenced by consumerism and the “fast food” culture. They criticized the search for unlimited economic development, citing it as a cause of pollution.

The bishops’ appeal echoes repeated calls from Benedict XVI on protecting the environment. Most recently, in a letter sent to the 92nd Social Weeks of France, the Pope asked that each Christian “adopt new behaviors in order to serve as guardians of nature and the environment.”