The Greatest of Buddhas

A response to: Buddhists, Christians Consider Point of Union

I would like to say what a Muslim Doctor (of religion) told The Family Congress in 1990 in Brighton, United Kingdom. It was in June I think.

“I am from the youngest of the monotheistic faiths today, so have no axe to grind. 500 years before Christ Isaiah was prophesying about the fact that ‘A virgin will conceive and bear a son.’ At about the same time Confucius was saying when the great Teacher does come he will teach with miracles and teach us to forgive each other. Another philosophical school added he will teach in the open and be a carpenter.

“Buddha simply said, ‘At the end of the age will come the greatest of all the Buddhas.'”

It is well worthwhile reading about the birth of the first Buddha and of his attitude to others. An old man even prophesied about his future importance.

The Muslim doctor explained that we all have to love and understand each other even if we hold different ideas. As with music and literature so with ideas and philosophy there must be different flowerings bringing out the truth for all of us.

Petronella Cockin