Towards Healing and Renewal: One Year Later

Follow Up of Abuse Symposium to be Held at Pontifical Gregorian University

A presentation on “Towards Healing and Renewal,” a conference on clerical sex abuse of children that took place one year ago at the Gregorian University, will take place Feb. 5 at the same university.

On the first anniversary of the International Symposium for Catholic Bishops and Religious Superiors on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church the presentation – “Walking Towards Healing and Renewal” – will be a verification of all activities promoted in recent months.

First of all, the minutes of the Symposium will be presented in numerous translations: Polish, Italian, Hungarian, German, English, Spanish, Croatian, Ukrainian. These notes will also be available in French, Portuguese, Slovakian, Romanian in future editions.

There will be a presentation of the first activities of the Centre for Child Protection (CCP). Among these, the first annual conference held in Freising last fall on “Communication and Empowerment: Victims of Child Sexual Abuse,” during which the presentations and debates on “Abuse of Handicapped Minors in Institutions” had a particular relevance.

Data gathered during the first visits of the CCP partners in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe, will also be described.

A prominent position will be held by the E-learning program presentation, developed by the Centre to offer a training in prevention, identification and management of abuse cases, and the organization of courses to train operators in various Dioceses.

The contributions will be in both Italian and English.