Vatican Consultor on Youths’ Role in Communication

Interview With Father Thomas Rosica

By Anita S. Bourdin

TORONTO, FEB. 27, 2009 ( A new Vatican consultor says he is thankful for the post because it gives him the chance to serve the Church even more.

That is the way Basilian Father Thomas Rosica reacted to Thursday’s announcement that he will now be a consultor to the Pontifical Council for Social Communications.

Father Rosica — known by ZENIT readers as our Wednesday spirituality columnist — is the founder of Canada’s Salt and Light Television network.

In this interview with ZENIT, the priest speaks of the key role of youth in communication.

Q: Father Thomas, how did you react to this appointment from the Pope?
Father Rosica: It is a privilege to serve the universal Church through the important work of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications. We have all witnessed the great challenges and great possibilities that good communion has at all levels in the Church, particularly in recent months.

This appointment is a homage to the Church in Canada and a responsibility, as it is for all the young people who work with me at the first Catholic television channel of Canada, and to its benefactors, who have made this project of new evangelization possible in Canada. I am grateful to Pope Benedict XVI and to those in charge of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications for their encouragement and confidence.
Q: What does a consultor do?
Father Rosica: I imagine we will help the dicastery in all its efforts to communicate the Good News of the Gospel and of the Church to the world. It will be necessary to use in greater depth what today we call the “new media” and find new means to reach people, wherever they are in the world. We will also have to work with the young people of the world, who are the experts of communication in our day.
Q: Is there common ground between your direction of the preparations for World Youth Day in Toronto in 2002, your present mission at Salt and Light and this new appointment?
Father Rosica: Certainly, and also with the October synod, which enabled me to live the daily communion of the universal Church in an extraordinary way.

If there is a common point it is the aspect of youth, the young and new spirit that must penetrate all the methods of communication in the Church of today. The experiences in the Church over the past weeks teach us that we have much to do and to learn in the social communication of the Church, within the Church and with the world.

I am very pleased with this appointment and I am grateful for being able to serve the Church even more.

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