Vatican Spokesman Calls Rolling Stone Article ‘Superficial Journalism’

Denounces ‘Shameful’ Portrayal of Pope Benedict’s Pontificate

Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, director of the Holy See Press Office, had strong words regarding a recent article on Pope Francis that appeared in Rolling Stone magazine. The Holy Father made the cover of the magazine yesterday.

While acknowledging that the Holy Father’s appearance on the front cover shows the interest in different environments, Fr. Lombardi denounced the negative portrayal of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s pontificate, saying the article disqualifies itself as serious journalism.

“Unfortunately, the article disqualifies itself, falling in the usual mistake of a superficial journalism, which in order to highlight the positive aspects of Pope Francis, thinks it should describe in a negative way the pontificate of Pope Benedict, and does so with a surprising crudeness,” Fr. Lombardi said in a statement.

The article, written by Mark Binelli, criticized Benedict’s papacy calling it “disastrous”, even going so far as to criticize the Pope Emeritus’ physical appearance.

“What a shame,” Fr. Lombardi stated. “This is not the way to do a good service even to Pope Francis, who knows very well what the Church owes to his predecessor.” (J.A.E.)

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