Vatican to Publish 2 Documents About Internet

ROME, APR. 1, 2001 ( Along with a document on Internet, the Vatican will publish a second, more “pragmatic” text on pastoral opportunities for the Church on Internet.

Archbishop John P. Foley, president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, disclosed the news Saturday at a congress organized by the Italian bishops´ conference on Internet.

John Paul II applauded the council´s initiative, stating that such a document “would, indeed, be very timely, given the rapid spread of cyber-communications and the many moral questions involved.”

The document follows the publications “Ethics in Social Communications” (2000) and “Ethics in Advertising” (1997).

“The Church cannot be a mere spectator of the social results of technological advances, which have such decisive effects on people´s lives,” the Pope said previously. “Ethics in Internet,” as the latest document is entitled, “can be of great help to the Church´s pastors and faithful in facing the many challenges of the emerging media culture,” he said.

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