Vicar Tells Youth of the Road to Happiness

It’s in Works of Charity, He Says

ROME, MARCH 6, 2007 ( Benedict XVI’s vicar for Vatican City commissioned young people engaged in works of charity to be “traffic signs directing to happiness.”

Archbishop Angelo Comastri met recently in Rome with hundreds of young people to remind them that their faith was given them “so that many people will not be disillusioned with us, disciples of Christ.”

Quoting Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, the 63-year-old prelate said that, if in the South people die for lack of bread, in the North they die for lack of love, “for lack of God.”

“You, with your work, re-create a space for God; you build small Bethlehems where the Lord can be found, because God is only found in love,” Archbishop Comastri said last Thursday.

The encounter with God takes place when one “leaves egoism behind,” he added.

The challenge then is not “to go into this cage again,” he continued, but to go forward with the option of charity, which converts us into “traffic signs directing to happiness for the many young people seeking it.”

Wrong path

The 63-year-old archbishop explained that young people involved in charity are “right signals … for many young people taking the wrong path to happiness.”

It is this gift that enriches, he stressed, since when one stops thinking about oneself, one finds God.

One of the greatest lies of today’s society, added the archbishop, “is to make young people believe that happiness is found where it doesn’t exist.”

Young people, therefore, are “angry, react with violence and are disillusioned,” he explained.

Instead, it is charity which gives happiness, the Vatican City official said.

“He who gives is enriched, becomes a giant, even if he is in a wheelchair or on a bed,” the prelate contended. “How many giants there are who are without legs or health, and how many who do have legs and health live as if in a wheelchair, because they don’t walk!”

Archbishop Comastri, who was a collaborator of Mother Teresa, concluded with an anecdote about her.

To a photographer who asked her why she seemed so happy, Mother Teresa replied: “My eyes are happy because my hands dry tears. You, do the same: I assure you, it works.”

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